Well I’ve managed to get one of my photography based projects for 2012 off the ground already. Got a website set up now so I can start recording some of my work away from the clutter of Flickr (much though I love Flickr to bits). I’ve also got my blogging head together so I will be posting on or via Posterous as well as putting photos on Tumblr and tweeting about my activities as well. I’m not sure I can face Facebook just yet but I’ll keep that idea for later.


Website:AWestruck Photography




All of the above are still in the ‘under construction’ or development stage and I’m not certain where all this is heading of course but at least I’m starting to pull things together in a way that makes sense to me and I hope I might make some new contacts along the way.

Of course I’d welcome feedback on anything I do - whether that is related to my photography or any of this online stuff.

The image is one I took in the Dordogne, summer 2011.

I’ve been trying to reduce the size of the images I post online as they’ve been far larger than they need to be. I’m starting to add a ‘save for web’ stage to my disgital workflow. Hopefully I haven’t overdone it with this!

The image was shot on an Olympus OM1n, 28mm f2.8, Delta 100 film, developed in HC110 solution B.